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Why I'm Running for Mayor

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

I want to be the Mayor of Brookhaven because this city lacks the diversity in leadership that represents its constituents. I am dedicated to this journey to help the City of Brookhaven realize its true potential by becoming Mayor. As mayor, I will work diligently to

  • Provide for rental and mortgage assistance through an expanded affordable housing and accessibility program.

  • Provide assistance for families with special needs

  • Ensure the students in this city are getting quality educational resources

  • Partner local organizations and deliver desperately needed resources to the people

  • Fight against aggressive displacement at the hands of big developers

  • Secure budgeting for affordable after school programs that are attainable to people that live above and below the poverty line

  • Protect the community-owned businesses along Buford Highway

  • Ensure that all families with special needs are assisted in the years long process of getting access to providers for diagnoses, assistance with better resources for treatments, and assistance for some of our basic necessities like access to foods that these families require

  • Bring more mental health specialists to the police force.

  • Provide constituency services to Brookhaven residents looking to mitigate issues and find resources.

  • Provide transparency in the recruitment,

  • Implement sustainable measures to provide, maintain, and protect our environment for future generations.

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