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Crime and Police Presence

I understand the overwhelming need for more of a police presence in many communities, but also understand the lack of trust that many people within the community have with the police.

Creating space to allow the community and the police department to build relationships through community policing is the easiest transition into seeing a change in the community.

But also looking at what the expenditures are for the $13 million dollar budget that the department currently has. Because some of this can be utilized by creating programs and initiatives that will better serve the community such as community policing programs, a mentorship program that partners department officers with youth within the community, an officer led program that is designed to educate citizens on Brookhaven ordinances on a quarterly basis. Though citizens are responsible for their knowledge of the law, a true leader would be willing to partner with the community to ensure that there is awareness of the laws.

Expanding the existing community policing program and mentorship program would not only prevent potential crimes, but also allows officers to become familiar with the community and allow the community to trust them, especially in communities that are more diverse and less likely to trust the police.

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