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Brookhaven's Biggest Need

The biggest need here in Brookhaven and the rest of this country is resources. People are losing their home at an alarming rate and there are no resources to mitigate that. It’s been an ongoing issue for quite sometime and the city has failed to help its citizens. There are currently no resources in place to combat homelessness.

The city has relied on its citizens to go to other cities and programs outside of the city to seek resources. Which of course has been difficult for most because so many people in this city l, state and country don’t make a living wage.

I actually met with the current Mayor last week to ask about these resources and he simply said it was a county issue and that families that are losing their homes have to seek help from the county, who’s programs no longer exist. He stood firm on this and said until the continued backroom conversations that were happening on city annexation turned into it actually happening, resources will not be provided to people.

I think that it is a deplorable attitude to have toward the families in Brookhaven that make the city what it is.

Over the last couple of months, I met with so many different people that told me that one of their biggest needs is getting help to stay in their homes.

Once I become Mayor, my plan is to partner with organizations and state & federal partners to create these resources so that staying in their homes is one less thing that people have to worry about.

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