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Annexation in Brookhaven

The previous proposed annexation efforts in the city of Brookhaven was a money focused effort and an attempt to defraud the public in secret. City leadership failed to inform the public, just as they had when they purposefully obstructed the progress of a redevelopment project along Buford Highway, costing the city almost $7 million.

The city will advance the money for those projects to asses roads, stormwater infrastructure and parks over about a year. Though the city is promising that it will bring in money, that won’t happen until the city pays out put possible millions for assessments and repairs. Money that could be used to provide better resources to citizens that are already in the city.

It’s a purposeful attempt at intentionally trying to displace families along Buford Highway. Instead of annexation, focus should be placed on allocating city funding to create programs designed to prevent eviction, homelessness, and assist families in financial management. Instead of this, focus should be placed on proper development of the community and resources to stabilize and sustain the city.

An overall strategy for future annexations would be to incorporate the public’s view and idea of proposed annexation. Proposing an opportunity for the citizens to support the idea through voting.

The credibility behind the entire effort is non existent. No one can say with 100% certainty, who actually proposed the effort, as individuals that had been seen canvassing for the idea could not even say who was behind it and that it was also a hidden rezoning effort. Which we know that this tends to affect lower income residents. Rezoning raises the cost of housing, forcing lower-income households to pay more or become displaced.

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